What is InTreks?
Online freight exchange.

What kind of computer hardware do I need to use InTreks?
Any computer connected to the Internet can be used.

What services offer InTreks?
Current information on supply and demand of transport. Useful links. Advertising in specialized business areas. A large number of direct and online services that you need to be more successful, save time and money and earn more. Check the creditworthiness of your business partners, help with debt collection.

Why should I register?
As a non-registered user you can search the offers posted by other InTreks users. In order to see detailed offer or post your own offer, you have to register.

Where can I input company data?
Click on Settings in the top menu and input the data for your company.

Why should I fill my company profile?
Filling in as much data as possible makes you more trustworthy and more reliable, not to mention that users browsing your offers will see your contact info.

How much InTreks costs?
Free registration to InTreks database entitles you to regular user status, including:
  • 50 credits

Every time you open a tender your credit balance will be reduced for 1 credit. Credits can be used without any time limit

How can I get more credits?
Additional credits can be bought:
30 credits for 10 €.

Are there any another user statuses?
Yes, you can purchase a PRO USER status.

How mach dose it cost to be a PRO USER?
20€a month
55€3 months
100€6 months
190€12 months

What are my benefits if I purchase PRO USER status?
  • Unlimited access to InTreks database;
  • During PRO USER status no credits are used;
  • Your offers are highlighted on the top of the list of offers;
  • Your offer will get on visibility, relevance and reliability;
  • Contact information is automatically associated to the published offer;
  • All users of the company becoming PRO USER-when a user pays PRO USER membership.
  • Direct mail to users;
  • Possibility of printing offers in PDF format;
  • Searching for offers based on the time of offer posting;
  • Skype contact;

How to advance to InTreks PRO USER?
First, fill out the details of your company. When you enter all the information about your company, name, tax code .... the icon BECOME PRO USER will appear the home page. Just click it and follow the instructions.

How can we advertise on InTreks?
Under Advertisements section there are several pages that can contain your ads. Contact us at e-mail for the details.

If I have a problem, how can I get help to solve it?
You can contact InTreks representative in your country. If your country is not listed in the Contacts, you can call the nearest representative that speaks familiar language or directly InTreks for assistance in English language.