Excellence in freight exchange.

InTreks is the world leading internet service for transport and freight exchange. Our mission is to facilitate and promote international exchange of information about available freight and available vehicles.

BMV-IN is a young company, established by the professionals from logistics business who are aware of the impact economic crisis has and will have in the future on our lives in both professional and personal aspect.

Everybody is struggling to survive in the dynamic environment, which is affected by the crisis, so we decided to offer a simple and effective tool to help our fellow entrepreneurs overcome the rude period. Our aim is to reduce expenses of your operations, so you can cut your prices and gain advantage over your competition, no matter if you are a transporting firm or a producer of some kind of goods, which has to be transported to the market. As we can foretell, the biggest problem is the demand: the market demands adequate products at lower prices, so your problem is how to cut the price of your service, or how to to cut the expenses of transportation.

We are aware that transport costs are approximately 2/3 of the product price, when we take into account all transport costs - from the Ore to the end product in a warehouse. So, here is our point - to reduce the transport costs, which are major part of the price of an product. When you use our Internet based application for optimizing utilization of your vehicle or seeking best offer for your transport, you cut your expenses. Your effort to find best offer is well compensated through your savings. Our service is free of charge, 24/7!

As we all know, everybody has to earn for their living. So, we kindly ask you to advertise your special offers on our Special site - You might need. The small ads, Classifieds, promotional ads, offers of services, special occasion offers and other kind of advertisements will be there to view, and there we plan to earn for our application to be available for your needs. The prices for advertisements are very moderate, depending on the add size.

We are certain that you will BOOKMARK our site and use it regularly for better performance of your company!